Maternal Forums

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ENGAGE… conversations across performance studies and the maternal.

6 October – 3 November 2020
Every Tuesday 19:30 – 21:00

This series of online forums considered, through different artistic and academic perspectives, how maternal performance helps us to understand the lived condition of motherhood. Each forum responded to a themed-provocation (question) and featured a panel of guest speakers plus a Q & A.

Tuesday 6 October
Maternal Performance (Artist Forum)

Performance and the maternal are allied as durational, embodied, relational practices. What might be unique about a maternal performance aesthetic?

Speakers: Dyana Gravina and Lynn Lu, Jodie Hawkes, Ruchika Wason Singh, Kristina Gavran and Tina Hofman (Notnow Collective)


Tuesday 13 October
Storytelling and Mothers

What maternal narratives might we want or need to tell and hear in these times? How might we represent the diversity of maternal experiences?

Speakers: Laura Godfrey-Isaacs, Tracy Breathnach-Evans, Roiyah Saltus, Christine Watkins, Alison Perry, Zoe Brigley and Jude Brigley


Tuesday 20 October
Performing Climate, Gender and Maternal Futures

How might a maternal inclination help us to re-imagine the future? What maternal futures might we want to create?

Speakers: Ben Spatz, Rosemary Lee, Hannah Davey (Liberate Tate), Natalie Loveless and Sheena Wilson, prOphecy sun, Chantal Bilodeau


Tuesday 27 October
Migration and (Maternal) Citizenship in Performance

How can the maternal migrate, cross borders and enable us to think globally with responsibility and care towards one another? Is it possible to envision a maternal citizenship?

Speakers: Jennifer Verson, Umut Erel, Jina Valentine, Elena Marchevska, Sara C Motta


Tuesday 3 November
Health, Policy and Impact – Maternal Performance Matters

What are the pressing questions for maternal health and policy? How might performance help us to explore those questions?

Speakers: Prue Thimbleby, Helena Walsh, Vicky Karkou and Emma Perris, Michelle Hartney, Leah Salter