A new weekly discussion group for artists working with the maternal originated by The Mothersuckers’ Project, Cardiff MADE, and the Performance and the Maternal Research Project.

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MA FAN is a new discussion group, open to all artists working with the maternal as subject or remit within their practice.

It is hoped that within this dialogue we can engage, inform, and support each other as artists, and provide individual and unique perspectives to each other and for the benefit of academic research around maternal arts practice.

Each Tuesday will focus on a different theme or question, and will last up to 1.5hour, over 5 weekly sessions beginning 27.04.21 at 11am

  • Week 1, 27.4.21 11am: Covid and mother/artists: how has the pandemic impacted the working conditions of mother/artists?
  • Week 2, 4.5.21 11am: Mothers, intersectionality and care: how might we understand care in the light of the maternal and its intersections (including disability, gender, class and race)?
  • Week 3, 11.5.21 11am: Maternal art and the domestic: how is the domestic made manifest and productive in maternal art? How might we navigate the home as both restrictive and generative?
  • Week 4, 18.5.21 11am: New normal, art making and policy: what is needed in terms of policy and funding to mitigate for the ‘new normal’ in which we find ourselves making art?
  • Week 5, 25.5.21 11am: Maternal art and diversity: how might we manage and contribute to diverse representations of the maternal?

The weekly groups will be hosted by artists Zoë Gingell and Eve Dent (aka the Mothersuckers’ Project).

FAN meetings are based on respect, listening and speaking in turn without interrupting, until all the attendees have their turn.

To book your place please visit Cardiff MADE Events | Eventbrite

The Mothersuckers’ Project
The Mothersuckers’ Project began as a collaboration between artists Zoë Gingell and Eve Dent in 2009; exploring the relationship between motherhood, parenting and arts practice through conversation, performance, curation and active response via art making.

Cardiff MADE
Cardiff MADE is an artist led social enterprise, which has been facilitating opportunities for emerging and established artists since 2013. At its core, it seeks to operate a nurturing role within its locality and beyond; supporting and connecting artists to one other, extending the boundaries of their creative practice. MADE aims to highlight creative avenues which educate audiences through accessible and imaginative means whilst providing the opportunity to for artists to develop collaborative projects and new audiences.

The FAN charity
FAN Friends and Neighbours: Bringing people together to meet, listen and talk.
FAN promotes religious and racial harmony by developing and strengthening good relations between individuals of all ages, beliefs, races and cultures, thus fostering a spirit of kinship, mutual understanding and respect among the peoples of the world. FAN supports weekly meetings in South Wales and further afield. FAN is a friendly and relaxed way for local people and those from around the world to meet, talk and listen to each other. We sit in a circle, or meet on Zoom, and talk about our daily lives, our ideas and experiences.

Performance and the Maternal research project
This AHRC-funded project is a collaboration between University of South Wales and Edge Hill University led by Dr Emily Underwood-Lee and Dr Lena Šimić. The project seeks to better understand the condition of the maternal through a study of maternal performance. It is driven by researching both the conditions in which mother artists make work and the contexts in which that work is received. Our primary research question is: how does maternal performance help us to understand the lived condition of motherhood?