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Through actively sharing and promoting the findings of the research beyond academy with those who are able to make change at a significant level we will make a tangible difference to the way women are supported to carry out their day-to-day mothering.

‘Performance and the Maternal’ Research Project – Policy Briefing

This project will generate impact in three key areas: culture, understanding, and policy and practice. The key groups who will benefit from the research are mother/artists, professionals in health and social care with a responsibility for supporting those who mother, and policy makers whose brief includes arts, health and social care, women and equalities.

Mother/artists will find community and receive greater acknowledgement of their work, redressing the maternal gap in existing arts programming. Academic acknowledgement of the work of mother/artists will give visibility to these artists and impact their career and artistic development.

The research will explore how our understanding of maternal experience can be enhanced through an examination of the maternal as represented in performance.

Policy and Practice
We will create opportunities for cross-disciplinary sharing that will have a direct impact on clinical practice through enhanced understanding. This will also impact on the practice of arts practitioners who are able to develop their own practice in relation to encounters in healthcare settings.