An image of a white wall with lots of post it notes, decorated paper plates, long strips of paper with bullet points on and various other text based resources on it. Most of the text is blurred but one sign reads homemade in capital letters. The back of a pushchair is in the foreground as if looking out onto the wall of words/art.

In the final weeks, before a baby’s birth, the head will move downwards to ‘engage’ with the top of the pelvis. Eventually the baby will make its way through the pelvis to be birthed into the world. As academics/artists interested in an interdisciplinary approach we invite you to ‘engage’ with us in the birthing of this performance research. We invite you to be with us, in relation to us, as we nurture this project to life.

As we birth this project into the world we invite you to join us on that journey to challenge our perspectives, extend our thinking, open our eyes to the possibilities of what it might become, and how it might grow to reach its fullest potential. So we ask, are you:

  • An artist/academic or professional working in the caring industries whose work engages with the maternal?
  • Do you feel that a study of the maternal through performance might offer something valuable to your profession?
  • Would you like to contribute a short piece of writing to publish on our website that reflects a unique perspective on the maternal?
  • Have you seen or made a maternal performance that you think we should know about?
  • Are you running a maternally themed event that you’d like us to present at?

If you answer YES to any of these questions then we invite you to ENGAGE!

If you feel you have something to contribute to this research project then please contact a member of the RESEARCH TEAM.