Advisory Circle

Central to our vision and governance for the project is a vibrantly active, and critically engaged, circle of professionals who identify as connected in some way to our study of the maternal. Our aspiration is that, beyond governance, the Advisory Circle can join us to create an interdisciplinary, open space where we collectively discuss, explore and exchange ideas about what a study of performance and the maternal might offer to our various disciplinary or professional perspectives. In this way, the Advisory Circle is an integral part of the research and reflects a methodology whereby reciprocal encounters (people always in relation to one another) are positively valued as a maternal ethic, and placed at the heart of our learning and understanding.

Members of the Advisory Circle:

  • Georgina Biggs – She Wolf; Research Assistant Performance and the Maternal – University of South Wales
  • Prof Alice Entwistle – Professor of English and Modern Languages – University of South Wales, Cardiff
  • Deirdre Donoghue – Artist/Researcher, Founder and Director of m/other voices, Netherlands
  • Dr Rachel Epp Buller – Associate Professor of Visual Arts and Design – Bethel College, USA
  • Zoe Gingell – Artist/Co-Founder & curator of The Mothersuckers Project & Programmer at Cardiff MADE Gallery
  • Dyana Gravina – Founder and Creative Director, Procreate Project, London
  • Prof Vicky Karkou – Chair of Dance, Arts and Wellbeing – Edge Hill University, Ormskirk
  • Dr Sara C Motta – Associate Professor, Newcastle University, Australia
  • Aleksandra Nikolajev-Jones – Maternal Dance Practitioner, Cardiff
  • Prof Ruth McElroy – Professor of Creative Industries – University of South Wales, Cardiff
  • Prue Thimbleby – Arts Team Coordinator leading projects in Patient Experience – Swansea Bay Arts and Heritage for Health
  • Jennifer Verson – Founder and member of Migrant Artists Mutual Aid (MaMa), Liverpool
  • Prof Carolyn Wallace – Professor of Community Health and Care Services – University of South Wales, Cardiff
  • Dr Ruchika Wason Singh – Founder and Director of the Archive for Mapping Mother Artists in Asia, India